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The St Mark’s Benedict Campus is a thriving and energetic learning community of over 400 primary students. Benedict life is characterised by recognition of personal talents, hard work and an invitation to fun, leadership and service.

To enrol your child into Reception at St Mark’s College, click here. On acceptance of your enrolment, you will be given the opportunity to enrol into the Little Lions transition program. Download Little Lions information booklet below.

Small Class Sizes

At St Mark’s College, we want to give our students the best start to school. That’s why we have committed to small class sizes in Reception.

At the College, we have seen that students are more confident in a smaller group and are more willing to share and participate in class.

There are a range of benefits that come with starting school in a smaller class:

  • More one-on-one attention and quality time with the teacher
  • Quieter classroom - there's less noise and disruption meaning more time for instruction
  • Students get to know each other better and find it easier to form friendships
  • Students are more engaged in the classroom
  • Teachers get to know students quicker and on a deeper level and are able to attend to social and emotional needs of students
  • Teachers are able to tailor learning experiences for the individual learners, after all, students come to school with a vast range of capabilities and knowledge.
  • Build stronger relationships with parents in their first year of child’s schooling
  • Easier to identify any difficulties to allow for early intervention

If you are curious to find out more, contact the College to book a tour and see our small class sizes in action!

Small Class Sizes

Buddy Program

The Buddy Program at St Mark’s provides our Little Lions and Reception students with a new friend, a mentor and a familiar face in the playground.

At the beginning of the year, our Little Lions and Reception students are paired with a Year 6 Buddy. During the first year of school, ‘Buddies’ will spend time together - reading, working and playing. It is a program that students, both junior and senior, look forward to and remember fondly as they grow.

The Buddy Program helps students entering their first year of primary school to feel safe, valued and connected to the school community. The program builds strong relationships and research shows children benefit immensely - with younger students feeling safe and cared for, and older students feeling valued and respected.


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