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Boarding at Salesian House

The St Mark’s Salesian House is a welcoming and nurturing community housing up to 45 boarders. Salesian House life is characterised by safety, harmony and quality relationships. Salesian House is a home that welcomes and supports the hopes of parents and students.

A home away from home

Salesian House is a five day per week boarding facility for students enrolled in secondary schooling at St Mark’s College. Salesian House, which is situated on the school grounds, has been home to many students from the region over the past decade.

Boarding at St Mark’s College has been serving families from the Mid North and Flinders Ranges since 1986. During that time, boarders have made a valuable contribution to the academic, cultural and sporting life of the school.

Our current boarding house - in the building that was originally the residence of the Salesian priests - was opened in 2006.

Salesian House as it is known has been designed to provide a happy, healthy and safe environment for students.

House Parents

House Parents provide care to boarders outside of school hours and provide a welcoming face before and after school. They promote a homely environment, provide support, guidance, supervision and, of course, a little fun. Our House Parents form a close bond with boarders and encourage a strong ‘community’ feel within Salesian House.

Personal growth

Boarding can foster a sense of independence and self confidence as it provides opportunities for the development of personal and communal responsibilities. Students are encouraged to develop initiative and self reliance and to act both independently and responsibly.

Being part of a close-knit community, boarders follow behavioural guidelines which are based on mutual courtesy and respect.

Supported learning

Over the years, the boarding school has produced school captains, Dux of the College and many others have excelled excelled in all areas of College life including academic, character, sporting, agriculture and creativity.

In addition to daily supervised homework, College teachers visit the facility to offer tuition to individuals and small groups each week. There is continual liaison with College leadership and teaching staff to provide ongoing support to boarding students.

Time for fun and friendships

Within our boarding house students are invited to be part of a family-like community. Here they make life long friendships and develop important life skills including tolerance and personal responsibility.

Students are encouraged to play sport and are transported to training sessions with our College teams, or utilise local sporting facilities. Each week, the College bus takes our students into town for some recreational shopping.

Within the boarding house, students are kept entertained with a pool/air hockey table, board games, ping-pong table, fitness equipment, craft & sewing and school sporting facilities. Social events are enjoyed including quiz nights, ten-pin bowling, movies and games.

Keeping in touch with home

House parents actively encourage regular contact with families. Boarders have access to a landline phone to contact family members, personal mobile phones are also welcome.

Parents are always welcome to come and visit and join your child for evening meals. There are several boarding functions throughout the year for parents to attend, encouraging relationships between our boarding parent community.

As a five-day boarding facility, boarders return home each weekend.

Parents are invited to celebrations throughout the year, most significant being the End of Year Presentation where boarders are awarded for character and success and we farewell our Year 12 boarders.

Growing faith

In keeping with the spirit of St John Bosco, our “education is largely a matter of the heart”. At St Mark’s we become a home that welcomes, a Parish that evangelises, a school that prepares for life and a playground where friends meet.

The growth of faith is encouraged in our young boarders, and faith is an important part of every celebration. As well as prayer before our evening meal, our Salesian House community meets for a weekly prayer liturgy and a shared meal with a College staff member.

For further information please view the Boarding House Student Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions

Boarding away from home is a terrific experience. We understand however, that you will have many questions to begin with. We are happy to discuss any concerns you might have and will make every effort to ensure your transition to Boarding life at Salesian House is as smooth and welcoming as possible. 

Bedding and Linen

  • Mattress protector
  • Continental quilt and cover or blankets
  • Pillow(s)
  • Sheets and pillowcases
  • Flannelette sheets may be used for winter but electric blankets are not permitted
  • 2 bath towels

Personal Clothing

  • School uniform marked with name-tags or laundry pen to avoid loss.
  • Casual clothes for use outside of school hours.
  • Sleep wear
  • Sufficient coat hangers and skirt hangers for clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Personal laundry bag


  • Lunch box and drink bottle
  • Alarm clock
  • Students must have their own stationary, e.g. glue-stick, stapler, stickytape, markers, scissors, etc.
  • Laptops, iPods, iPads, CD players are permitted. Head phones must be used during study times and after lights out.

Yes. Most students do have their own laptops.

Yes. The Boarding Home has wireless connection with the School Network and there are four computers on site that can be used by the students.

Yes with the Supervisor on staff at the Boarding Home and by request a member of the teaching staff will visit and support the students with their studies and homework.

Yes, only after parents have completed and signed documentation found on Operoo Permissions.

Students are not encouraged to use their vehicles during the week but if it is deemed necessary eg for appointments then it is only permitted with signed permission from the parents.

Transportation is available using the College utility driven by Boarding House Staff.

  • Quiz night
  • Bowling night followed by visit to McDonalds
  • College musicals and plays on Campus
  • Students are permitted to attend other entertainment in the Community with signed permission from the parents.

Available on campus

  • Oval
  • Basketball and netball court
  • Gym
  • Pool Table
  • Hockey
  • Tennis Courts

Available in town area

  • Tennis Courts
  • Netball Courts
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Stadium
  • Golf Course

Mobile Phones are permitted but rules must be adhered to as to when the student is and is not allowed to have them in their possession and there are rules to follow as to when the phones are handed in. This information is on page 8 of the Salesian House booklet.

Most of the outside of the Boarding Home is alarmed at night and there is an alarm inside the Boarding Home which is also alarmed at night.

When boarders are unable to attend school through illness, parents / caregivers will be notified as soon as possible. As the boarding house is unattended during school hours, sick students will be accommodated and cared for in the sick bay in the administration block. If the student’s condition has not improved by the end of the day parents / caregivers will be required to collect their child that evening or early next morning. In consideration of others, a student who is unwell should not return to the boarding house, until they are well enough to attend school.

Please visit our Enrolment page for more information.


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