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We have a strong sporting tradition and are recognised as a leader in team sports in our region. Sport is an integral part of College life.

Our Sports Program

Our Sports program develops determination, physical skills and co-ordination, as well as team spirit and co-operation with staff and peers. We define sporting success by making it something that reflects our beliefs; that sustains and nourishes all students even if we don’t always win.

The sports program aims to assist young people to acquire skills, maintain a healthy fitness level and create an understanding of teamwork, commitment and sportspersonship. The College seeks to achieve excellence through participation, the provision of a variety of sports options and active involvement in competition.

In Years 1 to 7, students are able to participate in a range of sports, including: tennis, athletics, cross country, hockey, softball, soccer, cricket, basketball, netball and Australian Rules football.

In Years 8 to 12, the sports available include: tennis, athletics, cross country, softball, basketball, hockey, netball, soccer, Australian Rules football, cricket and volleyball.

At St Mark’s College we love sport and we encourage and recognise sporting ability. However, as excited as we get during grand finals or applauding individual excellence, we are more interested in ensuring that each and every student is given a chance to challenge themselves and participate.

The Sports Council

The College is very committed to the development of young people under the banner of the Sports Council. We encourage involvement, fair play and striving for victory. It is through sport that we develop the character of our young people.

The school organises extra-curricular sport under the direction of The Sports Council. The Sports Council forms sub-committees representing Soccer, Football, Tennis, Netball and Hockey.  These sub-committees are comprised of the Principal, or his delegate, and a committee of parents, or others, interested in promoting that sport.

The Sport Council meets regularly during the year. At the beginning of each year it elects a Chair who conducts formal meetings.

The Sport Council will:

  • sanction the involvement of teams under St. Mark’s name in any local competition
  • ensure formation processes for coaches to support them in their work with students
  • gather coaches and affirm their work and award significant sporting recognition to outstanding players.

A Chairperson heads the sub-committee responsible for that sport and the implementation of the College Sports Policy.

Tasks of the Sport Council sub-committee will be:

  • nominate a registration officer
  • nominate delegates to local bodies
  • control entries
  • present names of officials and coaches to sport committees for ratification
  • manage finances of that committee
  • oversee the selection of College teams to ensure that:
    1. where multiple teams exist in the same age group attempt will be made to select teams of equal ability.
    2. students will compete in their appropriate age groups unless special circumstances exist where approval must be sought from the relevant Sporting Committee.


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