Agriculture and Trades

St Mark’s College is based in Port Pirie, a city built on trade industries, and the surrounding region is rich in agriculture. St Mark’s is home to the McNally Farm and the Trades Skills Centre, both based at the centre of the College’s two campuses. These facilities engage students in a range of rural operations and trades, equipping them with nationally accredited skills ready for employment within industry. It is a place of diversity, excitement and learning.

McNally Farm

Our agriculture students have a passion for the industry, a drive for skill-based learning and a love for the animals that they care for during the year. McNally Farm Training Centre is the perfect environment for their learning experience. Surrounded by agricultural paddocks sustaining a range of animals including cattle, sheep, chickens, pigs and goats, students have the opportunity to develop their knowledge in agriculture, viticulture, horticulture, aquaculture and animal husbandry.

Students’ skills are further developed with accredited training opportunities in crutching and shearing, and unique experiences attending and showing the animals at the Crystal Brook and Royal Adelaide Show.

Trade Skills Centre

The Trade Skills Centre equips students with industry-sought skills. 

Our Trade Skills students are keen to engage hands-on skills and they relish in the opportunity to spend one full day a week learning from TAFE SA Lecturers in engineering, automotive and machinery. The Trade Skills Centre boasts some of the newest workshop facilities in the region and our students thrive in this environment.

Students’ training can go towards their SACE and if they complete all units of competency they can gain a Certificate II in Rural Operations at the completion of their studies in the Trade Skills Centre.

We offer ‘Micro Credentials’ in conjunction with PEER Training and MTA, which will give students the opportunity to immerse in different Trades Pathways. Subject to the capacity of training providers and student interest, pathways available include: Engineering, Automotive and Machinery Operation.

Our Trade Skills Centre students are highly sought after by local industry.

St Mark’s partner with TAFE SA to gain nationally recognised skills for our students.

Students relish in the opportunity to show their learned skills at the Royal Adelaide Show.

On-Campus VET Options

At our on-campus Trade Skills Centre and McNally Farm students can work through a range of skills or competencies assessed with the support of TAFE SA lecturers. Our training opportunities include:


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