Student Support

At St Mark’s College we believe that feeling safe and supported is the right of everyone in our school community.  

Student Wellbeing

Across the College, our aim is to empower each individual student to grow as a person, to lead, to achieve and to contribute to our community and the greater society. These values are underpinned by The Preventative System of St John Bosco. Our teachers and College staff walk alongside students in work and play, providing our students with the opportunity of becoming trusted friends and mentors to them.

Our strategies are based on strengths-based classrooms. We aim to assist students to build on self-regulatory capabilities to build a sense of community and belonging, and to integrate wellbeing principles that focus on strengths and kindness.

Your child will engage in the WRAP (Wellbeing, Relationships, Agency and Personal Responsibility) Program for two scheduled lessons each week with their class group. This program is centred around the Child Protection Curriculum with a focus on child safety and respectful relationships. WRAP also boosts student learning in:

  • Mental health awareness,
  • Sense of identity,
  • Self awareness, and
  • Mental health literacy.

Students across the College are further supported by an onsite School Counsellor and Wellbeing Officer.

At Bosco Campus, Our Homegroup Teachers and Year Level Coordinators monitor, develop and support students’ pastoral care, wellbeing and personal and spiritual growth during their time at the College. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to contact their child’s Homegroup Teacher to discuss any issue that they are concerned with.


Year Level Coordinators
At our secondary campus, Year Level Coordinators provide an important layer of support to students within their year level. 

Year 7 Mr Caleb Brown
Year 8 Mr Corey Davey
Year 9 Mrs Talia Sale
Year 10 Mr Ben Goode
Year 11 Mr Matthew Munday
Year 12 Mr John Gibson

Community Engagement and Wellbeing Officer
College students and their families can access support with our Engagement and Wellbeing Officer for attendance and wellbeing concerns. This confidential and holistic service is available and accessible for all students and families and provides support and strategies to achieve the best outcomes.

This service can be accessed by contacting the College.    


School Counsellor
Students across the College are further supported by an onsite School Counsellor contracted through Centacare. The Counsellor provides one-on-one friendly and confidential services to assist with a range of issues including mental health, family and school concerns. Students and their families are able to access this service and can make an appointment during and outside of school hours, by phoning the College.    



For wellbeing enquiries, contact

Bosco Student Office
P 8633 8801

Inclusive Education

At St Mark’s we acknowledge and understand that every child has their own story, experiences, challenges and abilities. We strongly believe that every student is a competent learner and a valued member of their class and school community. We strive to provide an inclusive, engaging and rigorous curriculum for each student. This is achieved by students learning in supportive and inclusive classrooms alongside their peers with differentiated teaching and curriculum adaptations when required. It is important that all students can participate in all aspects of school life while accessing quality learning and developing meaningful social relationships.

Across the College, students are supported in classrooms by the teacher along with Educational Support Officers (ESOs). The College has committed to additional ESO staff as well as a range of early intervention programs in response to ongoing data, giving students extra support as they start school and begin their learning journey. 

We support students with diagnosed or imputed disabilities or learning difficulties with a Personalised Learning Plan (PPL). This plan is developed by teachers and the Inclusive Education Leader in partnership with students and parents to clearly outline the functional impact to the student’s learning and what adjustments are made to ensure the student can access their learning successfully.

With parental permission, there is close liaison with outside feeder schools and kindergartens for students transitioning into St Mark’s. We also work in partnership with Allied Health Services, TAFE and other paediatric and psychological specialists to ensure the best outcomes for our students. In addition, the Catholic Education Office’s Consultants provide regular guidance and support to staff, families and students.

Inclusive Education

Useful tips for parents

For great tips on supporting your child through both Primary and Secondary schooling visit the Student Wellbeing Hub.


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Benedict 08 8633 8802
Bosco 08 8633 8801 or text 0428 475 539