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The secret of so many happy people in the community is our efficiency and attention to the details of administration.

Information Technology

St Mark’s College has a strong focus on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) literacies that will enable students to be successful global citizens in the 21st Century.

Information Technology

ICT is a significant aspect of the College’s strategic plan and the College has invested heavily to support this vision. A component of this is to utilise a BYOD Program. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) refers to a model where students bring a personally owned device to the College for the purpose of learning. These devices will enable students to access the internet and/or College network by a wireless local area network.

It is anticipated that our Bring Your Own Device Program will continue to sustain meaningful teaching and learning in our College and to prepare students for further education and training, jobs and to live and work in a digital world.

All students, Year 6 – 12, will need to have a personal device to use at St Mark’s College.

The plan will be to have specific devices that would be suitable for the demands and complexity of the workload at specific year levels. The College, in conjunction with the Catholic Education Office IT Services team, will recommend devices that we consider that meet the minimum specifications for the type of work to be done from Year 6 - 12.

As many families and students already have a suitable device at home, therefore this plan will also give parents/guardians the option for their child to bring their own device. This device must meet the minimum specifications that we set in order to carry out normal learning.

For further details, parents are advised to read: “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) Program Handbook.

Click here if you chose to purchase the College recommended BYOD Devices.

College Uniform

Our uniform is a defining feature of membership of our school community. It is a very public expression of who we are and what we value.

Our expectation is that the uniform is worn in a way that it shows a personal discipline, reflects pride in self and a respect for the College. The Uniform Guidelines are provided with your enrolment package or can be downloaded here.

The College Uniform can be purchased only from:

26 Main Road, Port Pirie
Phone: 8633 1788

College Uniform

2019 Term Dates

Term 1   29 January - 12 April
Term 2   29 April - 5 July
Term 3   22 July - 27 September
Term 4   14 October - 13 December

Bus Services

Several bus services run locally, and regionally to transport St Mark’s College students to the Benedict and Bosco Campus. Please select your location below for more information.

Download the Bus Services brochure for information regarding arrival and departure times and fees.

Where there is demand, St Mark’s College  will consider the option for a chartered bus service to surrounding locations. Contact the Enrolment Registrar on (08) 8633 8836 or email to discuss demand for a chartered service in your area.

St Mark’s College provides chartered bus services which commence in Jamestown, Caltowie, Gladstone, Port Broughton and Crystal Brook.

New enrolments should indicate their bus requirements as part of the enrolment process. The College will provide students with a bus ticket at the commencement of the school year.

Subsidised bus fees apply. Download the Bus Services brochure.

Enrolment Registrar on (08) 8633 8836 or email for more information.

Melrose NEW

Available 2020

Commences Melrose, finishes at our Bosco (Secondary) Campus.

Further details will be provided in July 2019, including fees. In the meantime, if you are interested in this new service please contact our Enrolment Registrar on (08) 8633 8836 or email.

Jamestown, Caltowie and Gladstone

Commences at Jamestown with a pick up at Caltowie and Gladstone, finishes at our Bosco (Secondary) Campus.

Port Broughton

Commences at Port Broughton, and finishes at the College, with a drop off to both Benedict (Primary) Campus and Bosco (Secondary) Campus.

Crystal Brook

Commences at Crystal Brook and finishes at our Bosco (Secondary) Campus.

College students may be also be able to access the free DECD buses service. However, such travel is subject to there being available room on the bus and that the buses are not involved in additional travel to the College.

This bus provides a free service to John Pirie Secondary School, however the journey from JPSS to St Mark’s College is based on a pay to ride service and public transport rates as detailed above apply.

Contact John Pirie Secondary School on (08) 8632 0400 for more information.

A public transport bus service is also available around Port Pirie from Monday - Friday, commencing at 8.00am and leaving after school from the Benedict at 3.25pm and Bosco at 3.30pm.

Fees are Single ($1.30) or 10 trip ($11) tickets or Term Pass $90 per student may be purchased on board buses

Contact Port Pirie Bus Service on (08) 8632 2666 or 0417 802 134 for more information.

Facility and Equipment Hire

St Mark's College welcomes the hire of facilities and equipment by the community. To request the hire of facilities or equipment from the College, download and complete the forms below and email to College Administration. Please submit your forms 30 days prior to the hire date.

SEQTA Engage - Bosco Campus Parent Portal

SEQTA Engage is a powerful tool for parents/caregivers providing an overview of their child’s learning. It also provides a communication channel for parents and teachers enabling greater collaboration and hopefully enhanced learning outcomes for students.

  • Access and overview of learning for each subject your child studies. This includes ACARA and SACE subjects.
  • Monitor your child’s learning through access to assessment grades and feedback.
  • Access your child’s academic reports (commencing 2020).
  • Send and receive emails, from teachers and College staff.
  • View your child’s unresolved absences and lateness information.

Your access to SEQTA Engage begins on receipt of an email from the College. This individualised email invites you to set up a SEQTA Engage account with the College. A link is available for download, providing you with step-by-step instructions on how to access SEQTA Engage from a personal computer or through the SEQTA Engage mobile app.

If you already have your username and password, you can access SEQTA Engage by clicking here.

When using the SEQTA Engage app, enter the following URL when using Manual Setup:

For further information click here to download the login guide.

School Policies

Our School Policies approved by the College Board are listed below

Every child at St Mark’s College has the right to feel safe, valued, happy and successful. Everyone in the St Mark’s Community is responsible in ensuring this happens.

St Mark’s takes a zero tolerance stance on bullying and harassment and have effective measures in place to prevent it. Students learn about the types of bullying and harassment and the steps they need to take if they are ever victim to it or witness it.

The College has developed a Bullying and Harassment Policy and a Bullying / Harassment Form which are designed to promote, implement and create a safe environment for all members of the St Mark’s College Community.

Appendix 1
Bullying and Harassment - What can you do?
Bullying / Harassment Form
Bullying / Harassment Form (editable)

In support of the Uniform Policy, St Mark’s College will:

  • ensure that students and parents are aware of the requirements of the Uniform Policy
  • enforce the Uniform Policy.

The Principal will:

  • ensure that all staff are aware of the requirements of the Uniform Policy.
  • support staff in the implementation of the Uniform Policy.

The Parents will:

  • ensure that they understand the requirements of the Uniform Policy.
  • ensure that students are correctly attired in the full College uniform.

Students will:

  • wear the approved College Uniform when travelling to and from school as well as at school and attending any other official school function.

Uniform Policy
Uniform guidelines


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