About St Mark's College

At St Mark’s College we commit our energies to forming young men and women of faith into good citizens. We are here to make a difference - to be a place where the nurturing and development of the individual child is the core focus. Our students will be enriched by their learning and will make a positive difference to their community.

School Report

St Mark’s makes a commitment to the National Goals for Schooling through the following Annual Report to the Community.
Download the 2018 Report below.

Strategic Plan

St Mark's College is guided by the Strategic Plan 2018-2021 which is designed to assist the College in determining the course of action throughout this time. This plan enables us as a College community to implement strategic directions that will effect change and ensure continuous improvement. It provides us with an overarching understanding of the needs of the College into the future. It will consolidate our place as a quality provider of Catholic Education and highlight our keen focus on striving for excellence.

The six dimensions of the Strategic Plan are:

Year 12 Results

Completion of the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) is an important outcome for any Year 12 student.

For the fourth year in a row (2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018), all of St Mark’s College’s Year 12 students successfully completed their SACE.

This 100% SACE completion is credited to the supportive learning environment at the College. For every subject taught, there is a teacher in the classroom, guiding and supporting the students both as a group and as individual learners. During study breaks in the Bosco Centre, teachers are available to provide advice and motivation. St Mark’s College is a school where students work together with their teachers, and never give up.

Our Year 12 Class of 2018 has achieved outstanding results in the completion of their final year of schooling.

Results at a glance

Dux  Aleisha Finlay achieved an ATAR of 98.3
ATAR 90+  6 students, Aleisha Finlay, Eden Smith, Ellie Combe, Phoebe Keane, Mia Dennis and Georgia Pisani achieved an ATAR of 90 or above
Merit Awards  4 students achieved an A+ in an individual, Aleisha Finlay, Eden Smith, Ellie Combe, and Mia Dennis
SACE  100% of Year 12 students achieved their SACE

Year 12 Results


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